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We all know that  that the secret to get the best price on your insurance coverage and financial products and services is to shop around. You’ve been with the exact same insurance company or broker for a few years? did you checked to see if they a still have a  competitive rates? assurancequebec.net makes it possible for you to receive, at no charge, proposals from several different insurance companies by filling out just one  request form.

It’s easy: simply click on the appropriate icon in accordance to what type of insurance coverage you need a comparative quote for, fill in the application that has been customized to meet the insurer’s underwriting requirements and that’s it! Your information will be automatically sent to our insurance partners, their proposals will be sent immediately to your inbox and you can then choose and reach out to the one with the best offer. Time response from our partners may well vary due to various circumstances such as weekends, holiday seasons, peak periods or limited supplies.

Why is assurancequebec.net competitive? Our associates know very well that they are competing against each other. Whenever people contact an insurance company, if they are quoted a very low price for their insurance, few will consider the time to shop around some more. With assurancequebec.net, you can get several quotes by filling out only one request form. Understand that the typical savings for car insurance are close to 300$. Our associateshave a vested interest in providing you right away their perfect offer.

Our site allows you to compare prices for your insurance needs, but also you will be in touch with brokers and insurance companies near you to answer all your questions.
With auto insurance comparison online,  we addresses the need to find you best auto insurance offers, among the multitude of proposals on the market.
Finally, with our partner, we give you access to an insurance price comparison auto  market in a few minutes after filling out a comparison form.
Just a few clicks you will find the car insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance, insurance, pension savings, mortgage insurance, or travel insurance that best fits you.
Compare mutual and choose the one that best suits your needs and your expectations. For all the repayments, you must have a mutual health supplement refunds your health insurance fund.
Our insurance comparison also allows you to compare, life accident, hospitalization insurance, funeral insurance, and even professional civil liability.
You will see that our comparator is very intuitive and is the ideal tool to search for all  auto insurance deals available in the market today
Leave your contact information, the date, license number, reported claims.
A representative will be in touch with you shortly. Contact us today and see the difference.

assurance quebec is not an insurance company, nor a broker but instead a neutral meeting place for insurers and consumers. Before buying the policy form an insurance agent or a broker, one of their specialists will get in touch with you to make sure that the insurance coverage you have selected is appropriate for your needs. In the event of a claim, the insurer’s claims division will handle the processing of your claim.